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#games #way

рами исмаил запостил у себя неплохой пост о том, из чего состоит магия игр:

games aren't magical because people don't know how they're made. they're magical because of talented people doing complex work to make sure the illusion doesn't break.

games are magical because of the worlds painstakingly crafted by people, with attention to every detail and every location that you come across, whether it’s a dreary skyscraper, a bustling space station, or a beautiful forest.

games are magical because of the characters that we fall in love with, drawn and modeled, textured and mapped, rigged and animated, written and voiced by people who care about bringing you a character that will matter to you.

games are magical because of the music that kicks in at just the right moment, composed and recorded, ed and coded d on an audio design that took many weeks to get right, and many weeks to implement properly.

games are magical because of the mathematics that someone stared at on a whiteboard, talking to a colleague after lunch, trying to figure out how to get the algorithm just right so that your ammo drops feel natural and fair.

games are magical because of the days of testing and quality assurance that someone put it, playing the same sequence over and over, with different permutations of circumstances, reporting every bug they could find so that the magic doesn’t break for you.

games are magical because of the designers that dreamt up the game, and worked tirelessly to translate their ideas into something create that could be programmed – giving up on features they cared for, bolstering problems they didn’t anticipate, so that you can eventually play their dreams.

games are magical because of the writers who spent months writing and re-writing, checking for contradictions or problems that might stop you from believing that the game has a world worth caring for, motivations worth fighting for, characters worth loving, and a story worth following.

games are magical because of the level designer that noticed players might get lost with how the level flow makes players approach that street corner, and adjusted the scenery in such a way that players could find their way through easily.

a game is magical because -for a moment- it makes you believe the worlds and people on the screen are real, the scores you try to beat are important, the level you’ve just cleared matters.

they’re magic because they can make you believe, care, laugh, cry, win, lose, regret, be proud, retry over and over.

if you don’t know how a magic trick works, you know you’re being tricked, and that somehow, somewhere, you could catch it. if you do know how the trick works, you’re watching someone be extraordinarily skillful at executing it. either way, there’s magic to be found.

i’ve been a game developer for a decade, and i still find magic in many games, knowing exactly how it’s done, or why it’s done, or what choices or work went into creating it.

games are magic. not because of elves, but because of the passionate work, care, and love that humans put into trying to make sure that the spell of your experience never breaks.